Lean 4 Charity

As a social enterprise we provide charitable organizations with operational excellence support via training and process consulting to create a high performing culture.
This is our way of giving back to the community.
Some of our services include:
Employee training
Process mapping
Team building exercises
Strategy planning
Process improvement

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Coaching / Mentoring

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Book time to have a seasoned coach work with you to gain the right competency in Lean Six Sigma, this program is for all those who may have gotten trained but require hands-on experience.
We use a well tailored competence matrix to evaluate what knowledge gaps you have.
Option 1: Bring your projectCoach you on a project you are currently working on you your organization
Option 2: We provide a projectWe can provide you with a project through one of our partners.
Option 3: Without a project Coach you just through some difficult topics.
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Strategy Design

Tired of having improvements that fail to show on your bottom line? Value stream transformation is a strategic business program that provides a structured visualization of how value flows through your organizations' network to the customer and corresponding data needed to understand and intelligently make improvements that optimize the entire process, not just one section at the expense of another.
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Consulting Services

Program deployment
Assistance with growing your deployment, or starting it from scratch.
Build a continuous improvement culture.
Start an improvement opportunity queue.
Measure the program progress.
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Process Improvements
We give support to focus areas needing improvement to meet performance expectations internally and externally. Using a combination of techniques, our team can triage process gaps, understand the underlying factors and design solutions to meet the needs - delivering value to the customer at very minimal expense.
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Facilitation of team improvement projects. Collect and analyze the baseline process performance. Conduct waste walks, collect frontline inputs, Map the process. Perform statistical analysis of data. Calculate the financial benefit.
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